• Somesa Teaching Aid
    For Teachers & Instructors of all kind
    • Create Lessons and Exercises
    • Create Tests, Quizzes and Surveys
    • Write or Upload Lesson Notes
    • Upload Lesson Videos/Audio files
    • Upload learning documents of all types
    • Interact with Students on forums
  • Somesa Learning Aid
    Learn on your own schedule
    Somesa makes it possible for you to learn at your pace
    while giving you access to a variety of learning material as
    shared by various institutions.

    Does your education institution have an online learning portal?
    if not, do tell them about Somesa.

  • Teaching and Learning Aid
    Simple and cheap for anyone to use
    Somesa has been used
    by a variety of organizations (schools, churches & companies)
    to deliver educational content to various audiences
Somesa is a knowledge sharing, training and collaborative learning management platform for institutions, government and consultants

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